Elegante lector de etiquetas RFID con cable HD-RD80

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Effortless identification of goods with the HD-RD80 RFID reader

The wired HD-RD80 is a compact device for reading RFID tags. It is characterized by an elegant appearance that affects the aesthetics of the environment. Small size and low weight allow you to save working space and increase the comfort of use.

Quick reading of tags

The device was designed to identify goods and natural persons. For proper operation, it uses radio wave technology, which enables fast reading of tags with EM4100, T5577, and SMC4001 chips from a distance of up to 80 mm. The user is informed about the correct reading by a light and sound signal.

A wide range of applications

The HD-RD80 model uses 125kHz for operation. The equipment can be successfully used in a warehouse for automatic inventory, in enterprises for monitoring working time, recording goods in retail trade, as well as protection against the entrance of an outsider..

Ready to go immediately

The RFID equipment is ready for operation as soon as it is connected via a USB cable. It appears in the system as an HID keyboard and installs automatically. This saves time by eliminating the need to install additional drivers.

The kit includes:

RFID reader, USB cable.


  • Garantía: 2 años
  • Material de construcción: ABS
  • Confirmación de lectura: Señal luminosa y acústica
  • Método de escaneo: Automáticamente
  • Interfaz: USB
  • Alimentación: USB DC 5V
  • Peso del dispositivo: 140 g
  • Peso con embalaje: 300 g
  • Dimensiones del dispositivo: 105 x 68 x 14 mm
  • Dimensiones del envase: 125 x 85 x 38 mm
  • Longitud del cable: 140 cm
  • Velocidad de lectura: hasta 200 ms
  • Intervalo de lectura: 0,5 s
  • Distancia de lectura: 0,5-80 mm
  • Frecuencia de funcionamiento: 13,56 MHz
  • Formato de salida: Decimal de 10 caracteres
  • Temperatura de funcionamiento: -10 - 70°C
  • Temperatura de almacenamiento: -20 - 80°C
  • Humedad de funcionamiento: del 0% al 90%
  • Humedad de almacenamiento: del 0% al 90%
  • Tipos de chips leídos: EM4100, SMC4001, EM4200, EM4305, T5577